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The King of Almonds, Mamra Almonds contain 45-50% Monosaturated Oil content (Double the amount) compared to regular amonds. These are the healthy fats your body needs, which are less/absent in other varieties of Almonds. A rich source of Vegan plant protein, Vitamin E, known to promote brain health, lubrication of skin, and offer support to all 7 vital tissues in our body. Background: Mamra almond consists of only 5% of worldwide Almond production, grown in Iran, Afghanistan or Kashmir. We sustainably source our Mamra Almonds from the organic, natural valleys of Kashmir.

Organic Mamra Almond

  • Store in a cool and dry place, in an airtight container. 

  • Eating tip: Soak about 10 pieces in water overnight, remove the skin (the skin contains tannin that prevents nutrients absorption) and consume alongwith fresh fruits.

    Note: Many raw food eating professionals consume almonds along with the skin. 

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